Booking a RAWlean Workshop

Thank you for enquiring about the RAWlean workshops and how our business operates.

  • You choose a date and time that would suit your group of friends or community
  • I send you the list of workshops I present (which you can find on the Workshops page), and you choose the one you want me to run
  • I create a poster and material for you to send out to your group of friends or community
  • We get it marketed on as many websites as possible depending on the areas
  • I advertise the workshop on Facebook page, my website, and my personal database 1800 people
  • We run workshops on weekends and evenings, depending on your requirements
  • I require a minimum of 15 paying people if in Cape Town, and 20 paying people if outside of Cape Town
  • You attend the workshop for free
  • Accommodation to be provided for me and 1 staff member if out of town
  • I bring everything needed to your home or business
  • You only provide the venue, cutlery and crockery (we’ll discuss this before the workshop)

The workshop includes:

  1. RAWlean  preparing 5 or 6 different dishes, which everyone gets to eat.
  2. Three hour talk on lifestyle changes, health and nutrition
  3. Booklet with recipes from the workshop and additional notes about the nutritional value of certain foods that we are using.

Want to pay now? Get my banking details.

It’s not just a food preparation class, its much much more!